HART 40 Volt Cordless Brushless 15-inch String Trimmer Kit, (1) 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery


A string trimmer that replaces a gas unit with more versatility and convenience. This 15-inch string trimmer can easily be adjusted to a 13-inch cut swath for more runtime and is ideal for users with medium yards. Attachment Capability allows the user to use their 40V power head with up to 6 other attachments, including a cultivator, blower, edger, and more (all sold separately). Users have ultimate control and easy trimmer line replacements with variable speed trigger and easy loading bump feed head. The Brushless Motor Technology provides more power, longer runtime and longer motor life. All a part of the 40V System where you get ALL POWER, NO GAS. Includes 15-inch string trimmer, (1) 4.0Ah battery and charger.

HART 40 Volt Cordless Brushless 15-inch String Trimmer Kit, (1) 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

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Key Features

  • This product comes with a battery and charger
  • Dual .08″ line
  • Every HART 40V battery works with every HART 40V tool
  • Includes: 15″ String Trimmer, Grass Deflector, Assist Handle, 4.0Ah 40V Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger, .095″ Line, and Operator’s Manuals
  • Specs: Battery: 40V Lithium-Ion, Cutting Swath: Adjustable 13-15″, Line Size: Dual .095″, Shaft: Attachment Capable Straight Shaft, Weight: 11.7 lbs.
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11.7 lb



Reviews (10)

10 reviews for HART 40 Volt Cordless Brushless 15-inch String Trimmer Kit, (1) 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

  1. BIN613

    Goodbye Gas!This string trimmer is one of my favorite tools in the garage. It is so convenient and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of gas. I have been using another string trimmer for years. At least that one was a 4 cycle and I did not have to mix the gas and oil. I have been looking into electric trimmers for the past year. I now have this in my garage, and will not be turning back to gas. To give a clear picture, I live in the city limits on about 1/3 of an acre. This trimmer does the job well. The trimmer itself is a little awkward with weight distribution, but it is apparent as to why. The top is where the 40V battery is! I like the fact that there are several attachments to go with this trimmer. The line that it comes with is decent, but I know that I will have to buy more soon. I really like the handle when holding the trimmer. It is a thick rubber material that is easy to hang on to. I did not really notice any vibration through the machine with the handle. But, while we are speaking of the handles, I think it would have been nice to have rubber around the handle in my left hand. The hard plastic is not comfortable. I like the fact that the safety does not have to be held the entire time. Just press it once while “giving it gas” and then let go once it starts up. The guard does a decent job of keeping grass off of you, but this is a trimmer, the job is still a little messy. I look forward to using this trimmer for years to come!

  2. StephanieZ

    Easy to use trimmerWe got this trimmer in late fall, so we haven’t yet used it very much. The battery charges in a reasonable length of time. It is easy to carry and well balanced. The adjustable handle is very nice. It did a great job cutting through the woody stems of maiden grass, so I am confident that it will be able to handle most weeds.

  3. Thismomshome

    Excellent 40vI received this 40v cordless Hart weed trimmer and I have to say it was very powerful! I recently had a ton of weeds pop up and needed to use a trimmer and I was pleasantly surprised at the power this 40v had and I was completely surprised at how long the battery lasted! I was able to do cut down all the weeds in my front yard and I left the trimmer in the garage went back a couple days later and it was still charged! I definitely like this weed trimmer and I would absolutely recommend it!

  4. vgibby

    Best trimmer we have ever hadWe received this 40V Brushless 15″ String Trimmer Kit- Attachment Capable yesterday and my husband knew that I was doing a review on it and said to make sure and not that it took only 2-3 minutes to put it together and be ready to use. Everything on this machine feels like good quality materials and even the string that comes with it is stronger than any string that we have ever bought . When you turn it on it sounds very powerful even though it is battery operated. Speaking of battery, we plugged it into the charger when we had it all together and a green light came on that it was already fully charged, that is always a bonus. It has a nice big handle on it for easier use when doing the yard trimming work. It came with a nice thick owners manual so you can look up any questions about it. It is still winter and raining today so I couldn’t take it outside to test out but judging from the power it has I know it is going to do the best trimming job we have ever done. We are thrilled with the fact that it comes with a 40 volt battery as we have never seen a trimmer with a battery more powerful than a 20 volt battery so this 40 volt battery makes it a supreme trimming machine!

  5. 1andonlyfasteddie

    Hart 40V trimmer – Your next trimmer!HART 40-Volt Cordless Brushless Attachment Capable 15-inch String Trimmer Kit

    The Hart 40-Volt String Trimmer is designed to replace your gas trimmer when used in medium sized yards. The motor is a brushless design that requires no maintenance during its lifetime. The power head has a universal attachment capability that will accept up to 6 other attachments (blower, cultivator, edger, and more). The unit ships with a 15” string trimmer that accepts string up to .095” in diameter.

    A 40V 4.0AH lithium battery is included, along with the fast charger, front handle, grass deflector and manual. The handle and grass deflector require assembly and are easily assembled on the trimmer in about 10 minutes.

    The power head includes a high/low switch. And this trimmer is very fast and powerful on the high setting! At the time of this review, there was little pruning to be found in the yard. The trimmer made very fast work of the selected area. Weeds and grass growth were trimmed and it did this area effortlessly!

    My overall impression of this trimmer is that it is GREAT and can very likely replace a gas trimmer for a medium yard. While no ear plugs are required, the unit is very powerful and is surprisingly loud when trimming. It really works and I really like this product! It is apparently on par with the gas trimmers currently available. And the attachments are interchangeable! You can’t go wrong!

    I recommend this product and give it ***** (5) stars.

  6. Sismyn

    Quieter than most, longer run timeThe HART 40V Brushless trimmer is a powerful machine. The assembly instructions could have been more clear but we got it together and working. I like the big grip handle and the longer run time. The unit is a bit heavy but I guess the 40V battery is partially the cause. I like the fact that you can add other attachments and I am researching how to do this. There are 6 other attachments, including a cultivator, blower and edger. The company does not list the other 3 items. (all sold separately) It would be nice to have one unit with all the attachments instead of many different items. I like that the HART battery works with any HART tool. It did a great job. I recommend this HART product.

  7. MAC92

    Really great trimmerThe HART 40-Volt Trimmer is actually a great trimmer. It has plenty of power, plenty of run time, and is not as heavy as our gas trimmer. This brushless trimmer has a variable speed trigger, a “bump” loading feed head, and a 13” – 15” cutting swath. It comes with a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery and a charger. We have a medium size yard and the trimmer has plenty of power to take care of all our edging with one charge. If you have a larger yard, you will more than likely need the larger battery or an extra battery.

    My husband did not think he was going to like this trimmer as he always uses gas trimmers. But, when we got this trimmer, he was pleasantly surprised. It was was very easy to put together…about 5 minutes. The battery had a partial charge, but once he plugged it in, the battery was fully charged after 2 hours. He likes that he doesn’t have to mess with adding gas or oil mix. He says that the only thing this trimmer needs is a shoulder strap. He is going to take the one on his gas trimmer off and use it. This cordless trimmer has a place where a strap could connect.

    A cool thing about this brand of tools is that not only can you use the batteries for other tools, but this particular trimmer handle can be detached and used with other tools. There are 6 other tools that can connect to this handle like a cultivator, blower, and edger. The quality of this trimmer is very good. The shaft is strong and durable, the head seems like it will stand up to use, and just seems like an overall quality item.

    We are very impressed with the quality and value of the HART trimmer and line of tools and attachments. Walmart has really hit it out of the park on this line of tools.

  8. Chrissy

    Weed trimmerOver all this weed trimmer is not bad. 40 volts is not very powerful, but if you’re doing simplistic weed eating- it does just fine. Battery hold long enough what do a common size yard of trimming. Works great around my fence line, and along my sidewalk

  9. Miriam

    Decent TrimmerNot too heavy. Seems powerful enough.
    Easy to put together. Great that it takes
    Other attachments. 40 volt battery power.
    Trimmer guard broke right away due to all
    Components being made of plastic. Not
    Much difference between the high and the
    Low speed. Replacement battery if needed
    Is really expensive.

  10. Mouse

    Cordless Trimmer with PowerFirst off, in terms of action, I would give this trimmer five stars, but I took a star off the rating because of the weight of the trimmer. Even though Great Grampa (see picture) wanted to be the first to use it, he had to stop after just a few swipes, and I found it heavy, too. But for those with strength, this would be a great trimmer. There is NO CORD to get in the way, make you stop working, or accidentally cut. Cordless freedom is fantastic, and we are going to all cordless in terms of our tools like trimmers, drills, powered screwdrivers, mini-vacs, etc. So the Hart Cordless is great in that way. Also, it doesn’t have one of those weak, clear fishing-line strings to trim with. It has a powerful, thick string made of hard material that can even take down giant weeds and some saplings we had coming up from acorns. This is a machine that will last. Our landscaper really, really wants to get one, now.

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