Black Max 2-Cycle Gas 25cc Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer


The Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 17-inch Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer is the perfect outdoor tool that makes maintaining your yard a breeze. The curved shaft allows for reduced user fatigue while the easy loading bump feed head makes quick work of not only unspooling line when needed but makes it quick and convenient to respool once you run out. The full crank 25cc engine provides the power you need to get through the toughest of weeds and grass in the hard-to-reach areas of your yard. This trimmer’s attachment capability gives you over six options with the HART Power Fit attachments (Blower, Brush Cutter, Edger, Hedge Trimmer, Cultivator and Pole Saw) for versatility so you can replace old tools and grow your yard maintenance capabilities. The Over mold grip provides user comfort to reduce user fatigue. This trimmer also features 17-inches of cutting swath to help you accomplish your outdoor tasks as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Black Max 2-Cycle Gas 25cc Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer


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Key Features

  • Curved Shaft for Easy Handling
  • Dual .095″ Line for heavy duty cutting
  • Easy Start Engine
  • Attachment Capable with HART Power Fit Attachments
  • Over mold Grip for User Comfort
  • 17″ Cutting Swath to get the job done quickly
  • Includes: 2-Cycle String Trimmer, Front Assist Handle, Grass Deflector, 2-Cycle Engine Lubricant, and Operator’s Manual
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Black Max

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Assembled Product Weight

11.2 lbs


Black Max, Hart Consumer Products, Inc.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Black Max 2-Cycle Gas 25cc Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer

  1. 1andonlyfasteddie

    Black Max 25cc full crank string trimmer – get it!Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 17″ Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer

    The Black Max 2-cycle 25cc Full Crank 17” Curved Shaft String Trimmer is similar in appearance and specifications to other trimmers in the same class. It is reported to support attachments marketed by other manufacturers as is the case with other trimmers in this class.

    Very little assembly is required. The trimmer grass deflector and the power head handle require attaching. This is easy and takes about 5 minutes. A vial of 2-cycle engine oil is included for mixing with one gallon of gas. After this is done, you are on your way to using the trimmer. The trimmer spool can be ‘refilled’ when needed by simply cutting a length of filament and winding it into the spool! This is just too easy!

    The unit initialls starts after a few pulls and always starts really well. Twisted filament was included and did a good job of cutting grass and small brush. It removed some of the ¼” brush pieces, but not all of them. Of course it is not designed for this size brush. A different attachment is required to deal with the larger brush. And it will take care of the larger brush nicely with this attachment! And it did the work pictured in less than 5 minutes!

    This product is one that will stand the test of time and benefit the user in the lawn maintenance effort and simplify this effort when using the other needed attachments.

    I recommend this product and give it ***** (5) stars.

  2. Roshonne

    Awesome TrimmerMy husband is known in the neighborhood for how nice he keeps our lawn. He gets a lot of compliments on our grass. When he saw that I got him this Black Max 17” 2-cycle string trimmer he was so excited you would have thought he won the lottery! The Black Max trimmer comes in two pieces. It took my husband about 10 minutes to put this Black Max trimmer together. This trimmer has a curved shaft so that you do not have to bend down as much. This Black Max trimmer comes with a bottle of 2-cycle oil that goes in the gasoline. It also came with extra cord. My husband loves that he will not be restricted by a cord, because this Black Max trimmer uses gasoline. This trimmer has an easy loading bump feed head. This Black Max is made so that you can take the trimmer off and replace it with Black Max blower, bush cutter, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, or pole saw which you would buy extra. My husband really liked the easy of use of this trimmer and simple cannot stop talking about it. I guess I have several ideas of what I will be getting him for Christmas, Father’s Day, and his birthday now!!

  3. Meb

    Great Edger/TrimmerI’ve always enjoyed taking care of my own yard (and still do, even though I’m over 60). Weighing 11.2 pounds, this edger trimmer is a good solid weight – not too heavy, not too light – making it comfortable to handle. Additional attachments can be purchased for it – an important one for me would be the blower. Thanks to Walmart Spark Reviewer, a great program that allows me to receive & try out such a useful piece of equipment!

  4. Tatt2edtears06

    Great yard care addition!We LOVE LOVE LOVE this Black Max 2cycle45cc curved shaft attachment capable string trimmer. It was easy to put together and was up and running within 5 minutes of yaking it out of the box. The handle has nice soft grips on ut which allos you to hold it comfortably for long periods of time. The curved pole allows you to stand straight while getting the grass nice and even so you dont have to bend over a lot and strain your back while working on your yard. It runs like a champ too! And I like it better than my electric ones because you dont have to worry about accidentally nicking a cord. Its pretty loud tho, much louder than electric so expect to have to get someones attention physicallu necause they will not be able to hear you with this bad boy. But my absolute favorite thing about this particular trimmer is the fact that is attachment capable. We were able to have a edger, blower, and hedge trimmer attachment for this trimmer essentially making it a 4 in 1 tool. And the attchments were not evenbthe same brand and they worked great and the pin mechanism thst allows you to interchange attachments makes them all super easy to usem very happy!

  5. BCn66062

    Great yard grooming tool.This is the first string trimmer I’ve owned with the double string setup. The way this model is set up you can balance it no matter what size of a grip you have. Once I removed all the parts from the box and looked over the instructions, it only took 12 minutes to assemble. I have a 1/4 acre lot with lots of block planters, trees and a sidewalk. This trimmer made short work of it. Another plus is all the different attachments that are made to fit on this tool. Talk about a multinational tool, this is one of those.

  6. Kristiekay516

    My husband loves it!My husband used this for the first time on our land in the country and loved it. He said it comes with everything you need. He said he had it assembled within 5 minutes and that it did a great job straight out of the box!

  7. Hallie

    comfortable short or tallThe Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 17″ Curved Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer comes with a one page quick start guide for easy assembly and instructions on how to start the trimmer. Also included in the box is the lubricant and the information on mixing it. There is a place to be able to attach a strap but this does not actually come with one. Getting this started up worked perfectly and I was able to clear the fence line of weeds with no issues. This is my first time using a curved trimmer and it is quite comfortable to use. I am short and I see how this is more comfortable compared to a straight trimmer. Another person in my house it tall and he said it was still comfortable for him to use as well, so height is not an issue with this. It is easy to replace the strings when needed and if there are any problems the book has labelled pictures in the front to make sure all is where it should be. I am super excited that this is capable of switching different attachments for various purposes like a blower, brush cutter, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and pole saw so only one unit is needed. I have not gotten an attachment yet to switch it out but am looking forward to getting some and saving space in my garage.

  8. Annie23061

    Love it!*When the product arrived there was a hole in the box
    and the metal shaft was sticking out of the box.
    The packaging could be improved.
    This Black Max 25cc Curved Shaft Gas Powered
    Trimmer is a powerful trimmer, yet it is not too heavy,
    and it is easy for me to handle. It also is not overly
    loud. It required minimal assembly and included the
    string and a small bottle of oil. It is also made to
    support a variety of attachments. I love this gas
    powered trimmer, and I would definitely recommend
    it to anyone looking to purchase one for the first time,
    or anyone looking for a replacement.

  9. Tleeee

    Love the curve and versatilityThis trimmer is long, I love that I’m able to get further reach. I’m only 5’3” and often have to modify tools when using. Although its longer its not heavy. I’m able to comfortable work on the yard without exhausting myself with heavy equipment. The curved shaft makes changing direction easier for me. It is easy to start and easy to use. It has two speeds, full and half power. I use the half power when I’m working on curves and angles or near other plants that I don’t want to be cut. We were in the market for a new trimmer. One of the features about this is that I feel set it out from the others is the versatility of attachments. I haven’t purchased any of the other attachments yet but we plan to, as our existing items need replacing. I included a picture of the options. The attachments appear easy to change out. There is a red lever to snap on and off whichever you choose. It’s the same way we assembled the trimmer, just unlatch and attach. The string to cut is on an easy load spool. It’s also double sided. Our other trimmer just had string coming out of one spot. We haven’t ran out of string yet to test whether or not it’s easy to reload. I’m pleased with the gauge and quality of line that is used.

  10. Abber

    Great productWe have been impressed with what this can do! It cranks right up and doesn’t use much fuel at all. My son was able to trim down tree saplings and rock areas with ease. Adding more coil is simple as well and lasts longer than most I’ve used in the past

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