Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer


The Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 18-inch Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer is the perfect outdoor tool that makes maintaining your yard a breeze. The straight shaft provides an extended reach while the easy loading bump feed head makes quick work of not only unspooling line when needed but makes it quick and convenient to respool once you run out. The full crank 25cc engine provides the power you need to get through the toughest of weeds and grass in the hard-to-reach areas of your yard. This trimmer’s attachment capability gives you over six options with the HART PowerFit attachments (Blower, Brush Cutter, Edger, Hedge Trimmer, Cultivator and Pole Saw) for versatility so you can replace old tools and grow your yard maintenance capabilities. The Overmold grip provides user comfort to reduce user fatigue. This trimmer also features 18-inches of cutting swath to help you accomplish your outdoor tasks as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer


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Key Features

  • Dual .095″ Line for heavy duty cutting
  • Full Crank 25cc Engine for Longer Life
  • Easy Start Engine for convenience
  • 18″ Cutting Swath to get the job done faster
  • Includes: String Trimmer, Front Assist Handle, Grass Deflector, 2-Cycle Engine Lubricant, and Operator’s Manual
Additional information

Note: Item is not waterproof


Black Max

Manufacturer Part Number


Assembled Product Weight

11.9 lbs


Black Max, Hart Consumer Products, Inc.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer

  1. jsjsjsjs

    Plenty of powerFirst off i was given this 25cc Full Crank 18″ Straight Shaft Attachment Capable string trimmer in exchange for an honest review. Lets start with the meat, This weed eater has plenty of power for any job. It does just what a weed eater is suppose to do it starts easy and runs all day if needed. The biggest test for a weed eater to me is if it starts easily each time. If you have to crank and crank then the trimmer is of little use to me. I followed the starting instructions and it started after 2 pulls and it ran perfect. I started it every few minutes to see if it would start consistantly and it performed great. I let it cool down for an hour and tried it again and it started right up with no problem. I even let it sit overnight and tried it and after priming and using choke it started on the 2nd pull and ran perfect. Now for the cutting. It cuts grass like it is mad. I tried to bog it down by cutting from the bottom of the grass and as long as it was at max RPM it worked great. This trimmer has a full crank 25cc engine for longer life, it has a straight shaft for extended reach, uses .095 line for tougher jobs, has an easy load bump feed head and has an 18″ cutting path. It has many attachments that can be purchased including a Blower, Brush cutter, Edger, hedge trimmer, Cultivator, and a Pole saw. Weighing in at a light 11.9 pounds it is lightweight, well balanced, and easy to use. It comes with the trimmer, extra .095 line, a bottle of 2 cycle oil and a 3 year warranty. I cannot say how it works with the attachments as i did not receive any but i can say as a trimmer it works great.

  2. Mcarthurdw

    Perfect for a medium to large yardThis Blackmax 25cc 2 cycle 18″ straight shaft attachment capable string trimmer is nothing short of amazing. It is incredibly easy to assemble. The only tool you need is a common screwdriver. To coin a phrase from an Insurance company, its so easy a Caveman could do it. I was able to completely assemble the trimmer in the matter of few minutes. Once assembled the trimmer has a wonderful center of balance. I have another name brand trimmer, that is difficult to use because of the rather odd center of balance. The 25 CC 2-cycle runs very smoothly with little vibration, even when running at high speed. Vibration is a big issue for folks like myself that are getting older. When trimming the yard with my other gas mower, I have to often stop and rest, and find myself quite a few aches and pains by he time I am finished. I was presently surprised to find that this was not the case with the Blackmax trimmer. The lack of vibration and outstanding balance makes all the difference in the ease of use. I can trim the entire yard, and not gave an ache or pain when I’m done. Couple this with the myriad of available optional attachments, and this is a tool that does it all. It can be a hedge trimmer, a pole saw, an edger, and a bush saw. It can save a lot of money as well as space to purchase, store and maintain all of that other equipment.. The trimmer powers through the thickest grass and weeds with ease. As his is a two cycle engine, it does require the gas oil mix. For me I find it easier to purchase the premixed fuel from the local hardware store. There is no concern about getting the mix correct, and the fuel is ethanol free. All of the small engines I have found run longer and better on ethanol free fuel.

  3. gktire

    Seven Tools in OneMy first impression of the Black Max trimmer is just how satisfying it is to use. It must be the weight, this trimmer is very light and maneuverable, it only weighs a little less than 12 lbs. The noise from the engine seems pretty quiet for a gas-powered motor, but I would still recommend some kind of hearing protection if you plan on using this for any length of time.
    I like the tough of this trimmer, I chose the feature of a straight shaft, which I prefer, it might feel a little short for the taller folks out there, but I’m 6 ft 4 tall and never felt like I was bending over too much. The Black Max has a cushioned front handle which is very comfortable, a plastic wing nut is used for tightening, and the throttle trigger has a good action to it as well. The cutoff switch is within 6 inches of throttle trigger, it is a rocker switch design, and I’m concerned about long-term durability.
    The cut is 18 inch diameter and well suited for home use, especially since now I can explore the expand-ability of this tool. The shaft has been designed so that you are able to add attachments. This trimmer can be converted into a blower, pole saw, edger, cultivator, hedge trimmer or even a brush cutter. You could say 7 tools in one.

  4. Reviewer91

    Trimming with PowerThe Black Max 2-cycle 25 cc 18” Trimmer is full of possibilities. So far, this trimmer has really upped my game with taking care of the finishing touches around the yard. It is full of power with its 25cc motor. The motor started up right away after following the included directions. The pull cord was firm, but with a little elbow grease, I got it going within minutes. I also appreciate the wide swath that it can cut with an 18” head. This can be converted to 12 inches if you like for tighter spaces. The cutting string feeds out quite easily with just a light bump of the trimmer on the ground. Feeding in new string looks to be very simple. That is a good thing because, I would not bother re-stringing it otherwise. The trimmer feels well balanced with the location chosen for the forward handle. It is heavy in my hands, but the power makes up it. Unfortunately, the motor is positioned in an awkward location with respect to the rear handle. The rear handle is where the trigger is located and when I grasp it, my forearm bumps up against or rests upon the motor. While this was uncomfortable at first, it became a safety concern as I used the trimmer and the motor heated up. I adjusted my grip and continued on. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family that are in the market for a trimmer.

  5. gda1950

    Easy StartIt was easy to assemble the Black Max2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 18″ Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer. I removed it from the box, aligned and assembled 2 shafts, installed the handle over the shaft and secured with the bolt and wing nut, and installed the grass deflector. I mixed the bottle of 2 cycle oil provided with one gallon of gas and filled the trimmer tank. I pressed the primmer bulb 10 times and set the choke to full position. I pulled the start rope and the trimmer started right up. I noticed the Black Max2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 18″ Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer was well balanced and did a good job weed eating. It is heavier than my old trimmer but seems to have more power. The 18″ 2-cycle string trimmer has a full crank shaft for longer life, easy start engine, attachment capable, a straight shaft for extended reach, a easy loading bump head with dual .095″ line and a 18 inch cutting swath. I recommend this trimmer for its excellent quality and ease of use. The trimmer weights 11.9 lbs and is warranted for 3 years. Please follow all the safety rules especially do not allow children to use the trimmer.

  6. ECB

    Great WeedeaterFirst the weed eater comes out together expect for two pieces it 5 min. The weight is good at 11 lbs it light enough that I can handle it. It is shipped with extras cord and the mix to put with your gas. I cannot wait to get buy the additional attachments you can buy to turn this into six other tools.This is more metal than plastic so this sturdy but does not way ton.

  7. PenPen1959

    WowFor some reason I thought I was just getting the string. Well to my surprise I got the whole trimmer. This trimmer is so nice it has a great color very durable and tough looking. 18 inch long reach trimming is amazing.

  8. a1chef2011

    Great TrimmerThe “Black Max 2-Cycle 25cc Full Crank 18″ Straight Shaft Attachment Capable String Trimmer” Rocks. I found the trimmer to be very easy to put together in a short amount of time. After mixing the special oil mix with a gallon of gas, I poured fuel in the tank, followed starting instructions, and the trimmer fired up on the second pull. The motor runs strong and made short work of the weeds that were 18 inches tall in 2 passes. No bogging down and the string went through the weeds cleanly. After running out of line I replaced the surprisingly easy. I lined up the the arrows on the spool,threaded the line through the head, turned the head, and the line was rewound on the spool. The only real complaint about the rewinding is it is a little difficult to get the spool to turn at first. With a little muscle though, it did load the spool as promised. Will be buying some of the attachments available here in the future. The straight shaft does deliver alot more power to the head than a flex shaft. Great Trimmer.

  9. Alex

    Awesome inexpensive unit!Had it 3 years now no issues follow starting intructions still starts second pull. Nice speed feed head! Better than any Stihl or echo I’ve ever had or used for half the price!!!

  10. Jessica

    Didn’t LastNot worth anyone’s currency/cash to deal with this weed eater/trimmer.
    It lasted less than 2 month’s, and I used a proper mix, and bought a brand new gas can to insure it would be cleaner mixture.
    If it didn’t stop running I’d rate it a solid 3-4 stars.
    1 star, since it wasn’t a quality tool.
    Maybe someone else could have better lucky, and not end up with a tool that malfunctions completely.

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